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We answer common questions that first time transporters, and even frequent transporters, may be curious to know about. The vehicle transportation industry offers a wide variety of options when it comes to shipping vehicles. Browse through our informative database of transport tips to get a better understanding of how the vehicle transportation process works.

If you are fortunate enough to own a prized classic or specialty vehicle, then you know first hand just how protective you need to be in the care others need to be with your car. The question is, are they? How will you know what to look for than to take some advice from someone who actually has transported a specialty car before? The transporter company you select needs to pay extra attention to the care and details of exotic or specialty cars because their rare and expensive.

A lot needs to be considered in the way you choose to have your car transported. How your car will arrive to its destination depends on you and how well you shopped around for types of services because so much anxiety is spent over the worry of cars arriving in one piece with good reason I have a few suggestions to help the transition go a bit smoother for you.

First, reputable car transporters are there to provide you with safe options. Their main objective should be to get your vehicle to the destination point in perfect condition and on scheduled time. If you're worried about the safe transport of your car, especially if is a classic or exotic car your not alone. Your exotic car transporter company is there to work for you. Choosing a car shipping company over driving the car yourself as your vehicle moving option has a multitude of advantages.

Second, you should choose a company that can provide state of the art custom-built hard sided fully enclosed trailers. This way your precious car stays protected from the outside elements. Also, think about the options of having your car remain flat without being tied down by chains while in transit. It should not be difficult to find a classic or exotic car Transport Company with a trained crew of professionals who work to maintain an exceptional fleet of opened and enclosed transports to fit your personal needs and budget.

You would think that when it comes to professional car transporters, especially exotic or classic, that the crew would use the most caution, consideration and carefulness when it comes to these types prized vehicles. The reality is because their so expensive and costly to repair. You need to be very particular in a reliable company who will care for your classic or exotic car as though it were their own.

Consider a company that utilized a lift gate system that can tilt to ensure a smooth level when loading your vehicle if the loading surface isn't level. This is very important when transport companies have to stack cars for transporting; they need to get cars to upper levels safely without the threat of causing damage.

Thirdly, my best advice is for you to be painfully selective and careful. Make sure you review thoroughly any and all documents regarding the cost and liability of your statement for your protection. Make sure your quote is clearly defined.

You also need a company that is well-equipped with equipment that is in tune with the latest technology, and insurance of your car while in transit. The transporter company you choose should have a well-developed and reliable network of offices throughout the country and world and a door-to-door satellite tracking system so you know where your car is at all times.

Let's be honest here, you care about your vehicle and you expect it to remain in excellent condition. Again, you need to be very particular in a reliable company who will care for your classic or exotic car as though it were their own. Just shop around and compare services to insure that you're getting a competitive deal. Comparing is how you get the best deals to saving money. This is for your peace of mind for yourself and for extra protection for your car while traveling